Ways to Be Involved

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Things you can do to get involved and bring awareness about inclusion to your community.

Start an inclusion education committee at your child’s school if one doesn’t already exist. If it does, attend meetings.

Bring in a speaker to talk to one of your groups or children’s groups (Girl Scouts, PTA, etc)

Model inclusion.  Invite typical children over for playdates.  Find your child’s strength and use that to come up with an idea for an activity. My daughter’s is swimming, so we’re planning on hosting swim parties/playdates this summer.

Get involved in non-disability related activities at your child’s school.  Allow other parents to see you as a regular person.

Bring awareness.  http://www.cafepress.com/theparentside sells products advocating inclusion.  For the majority of the school year Sabrina had this pin attached to her backpack (until it broke!): http://www.disabilityisnatural.com/shop/5/11/all-kids/all-kids-badge-detail

Talk to your child’s class.  I read two short books about children with disabilities to my daughter’s 1st grade class.  I also talked just a little bit about Sabrina- I introduced myself as her mom and let them know what her interests are, and asked them if they liked the same things, too.  They were enthusiastic about showing me that they liked the same things.  I then asked if anyone had any questions.  Short and simple at that age, but effective.

Use positive language about your child in front of other parents and children.

Look into Circle of Friends or start your own.

Host a viewing of an inclusion video/movie, such as Including Samuel.