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The Inclusion for Sabrina name started as a Facebook page that I built in the Summer of 2013 when I was just starting the journey of advocating for Sabrina to be educated in a General Education classroom at our neighborhood school.

That Facebook page soon reached people all over the country (and even other countries!).  I started getting people contacting me, wanting to share their own stories and wanting to brainstorm ideas for their children.  Most importantly, they wanted to feel like they weren’t alone in the special needs journey, whether or not that included “inclusion” as I had been using it on the Facebook page (a general education placement).  I was also blessed to be able to join a community of professionals- educators and other professionals who were passionate about the children and adults they work with.  Their guidance and inspiration was invaluable.

As a parent of a special needs child, there is so much that effects my everyday world, outside of the journey for inclusion. I know how important it is for a parent with a child with a disability to have a strong support system and people they know understand.  Having that when Sabrina was born was the #1 thing that kept me going.

In June 2014 I launched this website and blog in order to expand that community of special needs parents, and to provide resources and additional support to ALL special needs parents, not just those who have chosen the path of inclusion in General Education settings.  I am hoping that this blog will help me expand that community even more, so that the support, sharing, and understanding can continue. I remain a strong believer in inclusive education, and I will continue to write about that and share stories about Sabrina’s inclusive experience- both what’s working and what’s not.  However, this blog isn’t exclusively for those who’s children are in General Education settings. Whatever your child’s situation, please join us. “Inclusion” also means including a child in the community, or into family life.

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My name is Nelia, and I live in Northern California.

I think this is the part where I write about my exhausting (oops, I meant wonderful) 2 children. Sabrina is 7. She is the sweetest soul you’ll ever meet, with a smile that will light up the room. She’s was born with a significant disability. Alexa is my sassy, spirited 3 year old. They love each other fiercely. My husband Ken is patient, thoughtful, and giving. We also have a Golden Retriever named Ginger and a medium-haired black cat named Sammy. I left my full time job planning conferences & tradeshows about 2 years ago to stay home with the girls. I still do some part-time contract work as an event planner, although my passion has been getting involved in the special needs community.  So, we’ll see where that takes me. :-)

Thank you for being here!

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